ECO Efficient Dru Fires Solihull

1_green1. Basic fire

SAVE UP TO 50% ON Gas Consumption

ECO efficient fires from Dru Fires Solihull
Our company has been interested and involved for many years in Eco projects. The fires that we offer are all standard high efficiency and amongst the most economical to use. With Dru fires with go that bit further.

2_green2. Eco Wave

Control your fire from your smart device

Not only offers a control interface with the fire that is second to none, it also can save up to 59% by reducing gas consumption.
Eco Wave

3_green3. H20 range, Gas and Wood burning.

Use your fireplace to heat your water

h20 heat water with Dru Fires

This range now established in Europe uses the fire to heat water at the same time as space heating. This range is ideal for those that have Eco at heart. It is best suited to new build or major renovation projects.

4_green4. Case Study: Eco House, Grove Springs


We designed a fully integrated heating system using ground source heat pumps that use heat from the properties lakes to heat the houses underfloor heating and domestic hot water. The property also incorporates solar panels both Photo voltaic and solar thermal, air recovery.
Grove Springs Case Study